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altOur 2K Program

Newberry Academy's 2K program was introduced in 2016. Our 2K program provides a high-quality, play-centered, semi-structed preschool program for young learners. By allowing our students to learn and play, our program encourages their development through various opportunities for physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth through active interactions with caregivers and classmates. Free-play is interspersed with group activities where social skills and cooperation are the focus. Academically, the 2-year old program will work on many skills including recognition of colors and shapes, counting, appreciating stories, answering questions and following directions. In addition, outdoor recess on their own playground encourages self-discovery and gross motor development.

altOur Early Learners 3K & 4K Preschool Program

The 3 and 4-year old preschool program is specifically designed around that amazing time in young children'€™s lives when they are transitioning from toddlerhood and growing into independent learners and members of the community. In this stage of life, there is a surge of language development, gross and fine motor skill, and imaginative thinking, along with a piqued interest in how the world around them works. Curiousity, creativity and community are at the forefront of our curriculum as we pair strong academics and a nurturing atmosphere to promote a love of learning.

Hands-on learning experiences are at the center of our program, and theme-based units will help children expand their knowledge. Socialization skills, science exploration, physical activity and art and music enrichment will enhance the preschool program experience for each child. We promote each child's self-help skills and manners as children learn to interact with their peers and adults in a positive and respectful way. All activities are specifically designed to promote Kindergarten readiness.

Learning in the 3K Classroom

Our 3-year old curriculum focuses on interactive and imaginative experiences that develop language, coordination, social skills and self-esteem. Students learn a variety of important skills during the school year, some of which include:

  • Identifying upper case alphabet letters
  • Recognizing colors
  • Understanding opposites
  • Identifying numbers 0-10
  • Understanding patterns
  • Distinguishing sizes
  • Identifying body parts

Learning in the 4K Classroom

Our 4-year old curriculum continues its focus on the development of gross and fine motor skills through activities such as puzzle play, storytime, math lessons and group activities including art and music. Students learn a variety of important skills during the school year, including:

  • Identifying and writing upper and lower case alphabet letters
  • Recognizing and writing first and last name
  • Identifies beginning sounds
  • Visualization/draws stories
  • Counting to 20
  • Understands months/seasons
  • Begins coloring within boundaries
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